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Presenting, Kitty's Fairy Tale. Featuring the evil Dark Phoenix, the wizard Xavier, dragons, magic, and much more!

After the attack upon the Xavier Institute by the Hellfire Club, the school was demolished. Cyclops, Colossus, and Wolverine begin the rebuilding process by cleaning up the rubble, to the demolished mansion, but Xavier, from afar, fears the cost may be too high. In the meantime, while Carol nurses Storm's bodily injuries done to her body when the White Queen was inhabiting it, Kitty tells the frightened Illyana a bedtime story and soon all the X-Men eavesdrop. Kitty’s story is a fantasy retelling of a mix between the introduction story with the all-new, all-different X-Men, Days of Future Past story and the Dark Phoenix Saga story. She includes herself as the heroine, Nightcrawler as a society of chibi version of himself called Bamf, Colossus as her true "friend" and companion, Wolverine as a grumpy dwarf, Storm as their goddess guide, Jean as the missing and hurt princess transformed in the Dark Phoenix, Cyclops as the grieving prince whose eyes are always in shadow, Professor X is a genie, and Carol is a hunter tracking them down. The fairy tale has lots of humor and a happy ending, much to the joy of her friends, especially Cyclops.

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