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The X-Men take on their greatest nemesis Magneto, but will they have to resort to killing him once and for all?

Magneto gives the world’s governments an ultimatum. They are to relinquish all governing power to him or he will destroy the world. When a Russian submarine attacks his island, he destroys it and the uses his new machine to create a volcano under a Russian town. His prisoners, Cyclops, who is powerless thanks to another device of Magneto’s, and Lee Forrester decide they must stop him, though they don’t yet know how. In the meantime, the X-Men have been searching the area in their plane, looking for the disappeared Scott. When they fly over the island, the forcefield causes the plane’s controls to go haywire and they crash into the ocean. Without Magneto noticing, they join up with Cyclops and Lee. While their powers are gone, Cyclops reminds them that they still have skills and that hey have to stop Magneto. The men try to destroy the device Magneto uses to move the earth crust, while the women go looking for his computers. They soon find them but Kitty finds she cannot make head or tails of his notes, as they are written in a foreign language. Storm scout the rooms and finds Magneto asleep. She debates whether to kill him but hesitates too long. As he awakens and finds her with a knife, he magnetically tosses her outside the room, which is a quarter mile above the ground. Professor Xavier is on a yacht not too far away. He mentally attacks Magneto but the villain simply uses his powers to bring Xavier’s wheelchair – and Xavier as well – to him. He then takes Kitty and Lee prisoner and confronts the rest of the X-Men, who were just successful in destroying the machine – for all the good it does them, as Magneto easily reassembles it with his powers. Storm has survived, though, managing to hold onto a projection outside Magneto’s room. She returns to the lab and destroys several computer controls. As the X-Men’s powers return, Cyclops hits Magneto with an optic blast and the team fights him, soon joined by an angry Storm. While the others battle, Cyclops asks Kitty to find Magneto’s data banks and destroy them. Kitty finds them and phases through the system, destroying the data. Magneto notices that and joins her in the lab. He is so furious that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Trying to get away from him, Kitty phases. As she phases though his electrical field, it causes him pain and he responds with a nearly lethal does of electricity. Seeing Kitty’s limp form, he comes to his senses and realizes what he’s done. Scared by his past in the Nazi deathcamp, Auschwitz, he had vowed to create a safe future for mutants and now he has killed a child of his own species. Storm joins them, intent on killing him, but faced with his genuine grief and remorse she refrains from doing so, suggesting that it is not yet too late for him to change. Magneto leaves and Kitty survives, thanks to her phasing power. In fact, she’s recovered enough to play a joke on the others. Xavier isn’t too bothered about Magneto’s escape. He believes that this time they were able to challenge Magneto’s dream and there is a chance that he might come out of the experience a changed and better man.

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