The Uncanny X-Men #148

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #148 - Cry Mutant released by Marvel on August 1, 1981.

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    It's Girls Night Out, but when Kitty disappears, will they find a new threat or a new ally? Plus, Cyclops is confronted by the master of magnetism Magneto!

    Angel leaves the X-Men since he can’t stand Wolverine’s feral tendencies and behavior anymore but Storm surprisingly stands up for Wolverine and quickly is pronounced leader by Professor X in place of Angel. Spider-Woman brings a young woman to the school; she turns out to be Banshee’s daughter, Siryn, of whom he had no knowledge. Moira is a little bit jealous of Sean's daughter, because she couldn't give him a child, since her last one become the evil mutant Proteus. After Kitty has recovered from her illness, to celebrate, Storm, Spider-Woman, Stevie Hunter and Kitty Pryde go out to see Dazzler perform, but the concert is disturbed by Caliban who sensed beings like him. The overeager Kitty tries to deal with the crisis but is captured by the inquisitive and panicky Caliban. Spider-Woman and Storm rescue her while Dazzler deals with the angry, anti-mutant crowd. It turns out that the ugly mutant was feeling lonely and only wanted a companion. The incident makes Kitty realize how bad she has been treating Nightcrawler because of his strange looks. In the Bermuda Triangle, Scott Summers and Lee Forrester investigate the strange city that raised in front of them. After discovering that it is a high-tech home base for someone, they literally run into Magneto.


    Cyclops and Lee Forrester are washed ashore of an island that didn't previously exist. The two wander the island in search of help but come up with nothing. The city seems to be from the depths of the ocean, as everything is covered in slippery moss. This is a problem for Cyclops because he's lost his visor and must keep himself blindfolded. As the two continue around the seemingly alien city, Cyclops wonders how much about himself he can tell Lee about. She ends up making the first move by trying to get a little physical, but Cyclops is sure that he isn't prepared for any sort of deep relationship. Lee gets frustrated and leaves Cyclops by himself. Cyclops then gets frustrated after tripping and rips off his blindfold, shooting his uncontrollable plasma burst into the sky. Lee returns shortly and the two reconcile.

    At Xavier's Mansion, Wolverine and Nightcrawler engage each other in a live practice session. Nightcrawler runs into the woods and doubles back with his teleportation power in hopes of tricking Wolverine. Watching from the trees, Nightcrawler sees Wolverine stop, supposedly confused about the trail Nightcrawler left behind. Oddly, Wolverine disappears from plain sight. Nightcrawler waits but soon grows nervous about Wolverine's absence and teleports to the ground. Wolverine pounces and the training session is over.

    Meanwhile, an argument is taking place between Storm and Angel. Storm feels Wolverine is worthy to be an X-Man because of his potential for good. All Angel sees is a killer that could go off at any moment. Angel leaves in a huff before a decision can be made. Professor Xavier doesn't have an answer so he turns his mind to other things. He sends Nightcrawler to fetch Sean Cassidy from the hangar. Sean arrives at the mansion and sees a young girl waiting. He asks is she needs help. She gives him a letter. The letter is from Black Tom, Sean's cousin, and it explains how the young woman is actually Sean's daughter Theresa that Sean never knew about. Overjoyed, the two embrace. Professor Xavier breaks the mental eavesdropping and tells the X-Men that the news went well. Moira grows jealous and leaves. Storm asks what her problem is and Moira explains that she may be a bit jealous of the relationship that Sean and Theresa have the potential of having.

    Days later, Storm, Stevie Hunter, Spider-Woman, and Kitty Pryde hit the town to enjoy a show put on by Dazzler. Down below, a shadowy form emerges from the sewers in search of companionship. He senses his kind an a nearby building and makes his way towards the women. Guards try and stop him on the main level but the being, Caliban, is able to propel their emotions back at them. He emerges on the floor of the club where Dazzler is already putting on a brilliant show. His presence alerts the X-Women and Kitty quickly slips away to see what the problem is. Dazzler notices the conditions and creates a light diversion so that Storm and Spider-Woman can leave undetected. Caliban captures Kitty and begins to leave but Storm and Spider-Woman intervene. Caliban hurls a table at Storm. Spider-Woman tries the one-on-one approach but gets thoroughly beaten. Caliban then leaves the building with Kitty as his "friend."

    Down below, Storm and Spider-Woman have caught up to Caliban and they are finally able to reason with him. He is simply a lonely, ugly mutant who wanted a friend. He sees he went about finding friends the wrong way. Kitty later reflects on this and regrets ever being repulsed by Nightcrawler's appearance.

    Back on the mysterious island, Cyclops and Lee awaken to a new day. This new day comes with new surprises as Magneto shows up to welcome the pair to his island home.


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    I'm Just Here for the Siryn Story 0

    The appearances of Siryn before her run in X-Force were fairly brief. This one is no exception. After having her life turned around by the capture of her uncle, Black Tom Cassidy, Siryn is no longer a crook but a charge of the X-Men. In this comic she meets her father for the first time, the retired Sean Cassidy, the original Banshee. He didn't know she even existed, so it's nice to see a very positive reaction. The reader is also privy to a conversation between Storm and Moira MacTaggart. Moira...

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