The Uncanny X-Men #147

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #147 - Rogue Storm! released by Marvel on July 1981.

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    The X-Men still find themselves unwilling vistors of Castle Doom and it will be up to Storm to take a risky endevor in order to escape.

    While the great, global storm created by Ororo’s imprisoned subconscious rages, the X-Men, imprisoned in Dr. Doom’s castle, pass his various tests and escape from their cells, heading for a rematch. After a brief struggle, Doom agrees to release Storm, thinking to use her distraction to cover his escape. Storm, however, has gathered enough raw power to defeat Doom easily, and in the process has lost touch with her humanity, casing her to attack the X-Men as well.

    Colossus uses the memory of Dark Phoenix to bring her to her senses, and she manages, with great effort to dismiss the tempest she created. Doom agrees to turn over Arcade after he has apologized. Meanwhile, Scott and Lee bond during the storm, Lee on the road towards accepting Scott's mutant abilities. They eventually succumb to the storm on the Caribbean island only to awake to discover a city has appeared apparently overnight.


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