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The issue starts with a huge explosion on some kind of mysterious space craft. The scene then cuts to the ever-joyfilled Stan Lee, who tells the readers that every issue should start out with an explosion- so the writers don't have to do any dialogue. He then goes on to look for Zenn-La, the Silver Surfer's home planet, before stepping down and into the hallowed halls of Marvel.

As Stan walks down the hallway, numerous statues of famous Marvel characters, such as Hulk, Namor, Black Bolt, Spider-Woman, and more line the walls, and he tells you that you should know all of them-or leave. He then goes to an area in which the Fantastic Four are being built, commenting on how their look changes to often for the artists to get a clear image of them.

Walking further, he sees a statue of Professor Xavier, and tells how he created the X-Men. He then walks down the halls more, showing the readers numerous statues of other famous X-Men during their time such as Mohawk Storm and the original X-Men team. He then tells the reader he has a suprise about the formation of the team, and activates a flashback with a scream.

The scene is of a young, red haired girl named Jean Grey, as she kneels in her room, praying. Her father walks in and catches her praying. Jean tells him how much Professor Xavier has helped since the accident with her friend Annie, and John Grey mentally thanks the Professor for helping Jean get over this. She observes a shooting star before going to sleep.

That shooting star is not exactly what is appears to be, and it lands in barn. where a cloaked figure falls out of it, complaining about how rough time travel is. It is revealed to be Rachel Summers, the future daughter of Jean Grey. She says how she has followed someone to this location, and she walks around for a minute, before seeing the ominous figure of Master Mold towering above her. As she looks at it, she realizes why she's there.

The images then go to a young man's mind, where he is dreaming of the future X-Men and Senator Robert Kelly and his importance. His father, Bolivar Trask blames himself for his son's detoriorating condition, and lets him rest. He then observes his family before Larry wakes up. Larry is given excuses to why he has been sleeping, and he believes his father.

As Larry wanders outside of the barn, Rachel is observing him, using her psychic abilities to make him believe that she is not there. After a few moments, she is attacked by Sanctity, one of her disciples. The two duke it out, until when Rachel attacks her, it is revealed that this Sanctity was just a psychic echo of the real one, who is inside the lab.

Sanctity is visiting with her father, Bolivar. As she talks with him, Rachel completely erases every memory of the beginning of the conversation. While Sancitity is upset, she understands. Her and Rachel leave an unconcious Bolivar and and clueless Larry to go back to their rightful time.

In the end of the book, Stan Lee calls cut and the issue is coming to an end. After warning the readers about a possible quiz, he says he has to leave, and goes out with his usual 'Excelsior'!


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