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New York's premire superhero team is formed! Under the leadership of Iron Man and Ms. Marvel, the team prepare to battle an old enemy, reformed in a new body, and in the form of a new body too!

Ultron's back! As she beats up the Mighty Avengers and Mole Man's creatures, we see in to the past as Ms. Marvel and Iron Man fly around and recruit their hand-picked team for the Mighty Avengers!

It's the Sentry VS Ultron! And it's one hell of a fight! And with every thing going on, who do they need to help with the situation? They need Hank Pym! But , where is he? He's sleeping with Tigra! And is Iron Man really dead?

Humanity is about to be whiped of the face of the Earth! Well, according to Ultron that is!

And as the Avengers save New York from falling aeroplanes, the Sentry goes nuts after he finds his wife, and he's not holding back!

Ultron's threat about humanity coming to an end is very real! So real, that she's fired nuclear missiles to make sure she gets her point across! And as the Avengers rush to stop them, who will accept the deadly mission of taken her down from the inside?

As the shruken Ares rushes to destroy Ultron! But will he get out alive? Well he will after he's saved by the incredible Wasp! And Iron Man is returned!

Collected Editions

Non-U.S. Editions


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