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Your former girlfriend is married to your best friend...and everyone you knew is dead! The legendary soldier of World War II may returned when his country needed him the most, but what kind of world has Captain America awakened to?

Hank Pym (Giant Man) is out and stretching his legs. All sixty feet of him. Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) is videotaping Hanks new powers when she gets a call from Tony Stark.

Meanwhile, Nick Fury and Tony are witnessing Dr. Bruce Banner reviving of Captain America after fifty-seven years. Not beliveing the situation he is in Cap breaks free from his restraints and nearly escapes the building when Pym arrives and flattens him with his hand.

Some time later Cap is in a limo with Fury on there way to see his old friend Bucky Barns. Cap obviously aware he is in the correct time. While Cap was in hibernation Bucky Barns married Cap's fiance Gail Richards and have children and even grandchildren. Bucky and Cap share a moment but Gail can't let Cap see her old and refuses to see him. Cap then goes to a cemetery as Fury reads Cap the deaths of each member of his family. Cap is alone and everyone he loves is gone. At this Fury points to the American flag and tells him there is one more thing left.

The Triskelion, Upper Bay, Manhattan

Betty Ross has put on a huge show to introduce the world to America's new super team. Even President George W. Bush is there and talks to fury about Cap's ability. It is then that Captain America is re-introduced to the public.



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This series keeps building 0

The team is primed I'm not sure how to explain this but nothing happened in this issue (action wise) and I didn't care.  I know the action is coming.  They are a superhero team for crying out load.    This issue mainly deals Captain America adapting to the new time he is in.  There are several touching scenes.  My favorite is Cap realizing everything he loved is gone and the Fury pointing to the American Flag and saying not everything.    This series keeps building and building.  I know for ex...

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