The Twins

    Character » The Twins appears in 9 issues.

    The Twins are the spirit of a two-headed girl (actually conjoined twins) who died and whose spirit haunts Salem's cemetery. She/they are constant companion(s) of Skeleton Man, her protector.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Witch War

    At Salem Woods Cemetery, Pierce, Kreskin and a hired man are grave digging questioning themselves as to whether its the right grave.

    The hired digger shouts at them to shut up just as he hits a coffin, removing the dirt he reveals the picture of its inhabitant, a freakish two-headed girl.

    The spirit of the body the triumphant three are stealing, calls out to the Graveyard Guardian to rescue her corpse.

    After a long hard fought fight between the Skeleton Man and the intruders, the Twins scream in fear when they realize the third man is running off with their body. The Skeleton Man tells them not to worry as he calls forth his ghost "pet", Wraith and orders him to attack the man.

    Wraith succeeds in short order but unfortunately for him, this peace does not even last a minute, as when the Skeleton Man turns around he is met with ghouls that could only be imagined by the darkest of minds... a trio of energy emanating, living pumpkins, supported by skeletons that enabled their movement.

    He, and eventually Tarot battle the beasts in their hopes to recover the coffin but they do not reach the third one in time and it vanishes, taking The Twins coffin with it.

    Tarot asks him if he's willing to help her in her mission and he agrees to it, as long as it includes getting the coffin back, as they trust him.

    She assures him it will not be an easy task but he refuses to back down and will press on for the girls saying, "If they have what I'm looking for, then bring 'em on, I have a bone to pick with them!"

    At dawn of October 30, Jon calls Sally and Susan so that he can talk to the young girls he always puts before himself. With a sad voice he tells them to have the other spirits release the grave robbers as he is sure they must be scared enough by now and will no longer be a threat.

    However, the young girls innocently inquire about their body and Jon tells them that they need not worry, as he and the "sword lady" will recover it and be back soon.

    After Jon and Rowan disappear in a flurry of leaves, The Twins spread Jon's message to the other inhabitants of the cemetery and so Pierce, Kreskin and the graverobber are all sent on their way, haunted with their newly-gained memories forever.

    So, Sally and Susan have completed what they were told to do but still she continues on her "journey" stopping at a tomb that takes the shape of a small stone building and The Twins enter.

    They are immediatley asked if they recovered their body to which they respond that they did not, as some evil pumpkin monsters took it. The voice becomes even more questioning and asks of Jon's whereabouts.

    The Twins tell her not to worry and that Jon went off with the pretty lady to get the body back.

    It is then that the bearer of the voice, Brandi is seen as she as she says, "Pretty lady? ...tell me more."

    However, the corpse is found to be in the possession of Raven and as Raven opens the coffin holding the body of The Twins she tells them that soon shall come the greatest moment of witchkind and they will play an important part. As soon she shall bring her father back from the dead and so begin a new age of witches.

    She speaks gleefully as she holds the corpse close to her. "Can you just feel the excitement coursing through my flesh! It swells with stimulation! I never thought I could feel so alive with something so dead."

    When Tarot and Jon return to the grave, seeking out the girls, The Twins burst on to the scene, asking Jon whether or not he has their body yet. Before he can answer, Wraith leaps upon him and licks him but after calming him down Jon stands in front of the girls once again and tells them they must concentrate on their body and tell him what they see.

    So they do just as he says, and mention stone walls and floors and a window and outside the window is the tops of trees. Jon begins guessing what they're in when The Tower Tarot card flashes through Rowan's mind causing her to exclaim, "a tower."

    She tells him that it is a long-abandoned tower of high witchery that is kept hidden from the eyes of mortals through the use of sorcery, Jon is overjoyed that Tarot knows of this place and tells her that they can bring The Twins along to locate the exact floor of the body.

    So, the girls and Brandi head off to find the body, not knowing that at that very moment, Raven is cradling it to her chest. Eventually they arrive at the tower but neither The Twins nor Brandi are to be seen so when Sally and Susan appear without Brandi, Jon is surprised, but none of them seem to dwell upon what is going on, and the girls disappear once again.


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