The Twelve

    Team » The Twelve appears in 41 issues.

    A group of powerful mutants supposed to bring down Apocaplypse. In fact it was a ruse orchestrated by Apocalypse himself in order to use their powers to transform him into a godlike entity.

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    It was written in Destiny's Diaries "The Twelve Will Gather in the Darkest Hour"

    The flame of the rising sun.

    - Sunfire (fire powers and the "rising sun" of Japan)

    A cold soldier returned to his family.

    - Iceman (ice powers, had also recently quit the X-Men to be with his father)

    A goddess recently returned from the stars.

    - Storm (weather goddess)

    A father of many futures connected to a greater evil.

    - Cyclops (having children such as Cable and also from the Askani timeline)

    A childless mother who rose from the deep.

    - Jean Grey (having no children, rose as the Phoenix)

    A son of a world that may never be, spawned by a sinister plan.

    - Cable (Cyclops' son from the future)

    A man whose mind is his greatest ally and greatest enemy.

    - Professor X (this all happened right after the Onslaught crossover)

    The ruler of a world gone mad, now free of demons.

    - Mikhail Rasputin (was ruler of The Hill, and alternate dimension where only the strong were allowed to survive)

    A man out of time with no real future.

    - Bishop (trapped in the past, unknown whether his future will exist)

    A North Pole ravaged by a failing spirit, lonely half of a greater whole.

    - Polaris (had been posing as Magneto)

    A South Pole, weaker than believed and the heart of an empire.

    - Magneto (powerless ruler of mutant nation Genosha)

    A ravaged planet, worshipped by the sands of time.

    - Living Monolith (keeper of the sands of time)

    A thirteenth will fall from the sky… The Chosen will know the scars of Apocalypse.

    - Nate Grey (sent to Earth-616 from Age of Apocalypse, he knows Apocalypse from his reality)


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