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    Team » The Trust appears in 27 issues.

    A secret society composed of thirteen families which can only be described as "very old, very powerful and very dirty" It's origins go back to the late 15th Century.

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    The Minutemen were a group of seven hired enforcers who conducted operations for a secret society known only as the Trust. They were originally formed in the late 16th century as bodyguards for thirteen aristocratic Trust families who had abandoned Europe in favor of establishing ties in the New World. When England sought to infringe upon the Trust's enterprises by colonizing Roanoke Island, the Minutemen responded, slaughtering the new European aggressors.

    The thirteen families that make up The Trust are as follows (the issue numbers in parenthesis reference the issue in which the House was removed, through extermination):

    There is also a fourteenth House, elected in the final moments of The Trust's existence, with their new pact to no longer absorb any more of the destroyed Houses, it is voted that something must be done with the House of Vasco, so it becomes the House of Graves and Philip is made a member of The Trust, electing Dizzy to replace him as Agent. It is his move against another House of the Trust (Medici) that leads to Dizzy being required to kill him, and thus the series closes.


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