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As our renegade Avengers return from Japan, the team wonder if the can trust each other after their little discovery. As their transport crashes in Chicago, a member of the team leaves, and takes the evidence with them.

After shacking up in a hotel for a night, our heroes return to New York City, and villains begin to team up. The team disband for a night, and Wolverine goes to a bar. While they are looking for the enemy, he finds a new one, The Hood. And while battling him, he gets castrated in the process!

As the team re-group in the Doctor Strange's sanctum, Luke Cage wonders if his wife is who she says she is, and if his baby is all human. Dr. Strange casts a spell to reveal who the members really want to be. What do they find?

The Hood is the new Kingpin, and organizes a bank robbery by using Deathlok! And in New York, the renegades battle Symbiotes!

Luke Cage tells his wife about the day, and how both teams of the Avengers battled the Symbiote-controlled population of New York and some of their own members! Wolverine visits the teams ex-member to see what this person has told the registered Avengers, and the team go to Jersey to capture the Hood and his league of villains (with the help of an illusion)!

The New Avengers manage to take out the Hood and his gang of villains and they're taken in by SHIELD! But it's not long before they break out and want revenge!

The New Avengers battle the Hood and his gang of villains, and they're losing! Dr. Strange has to use dark magic, and leaves the team because of this! And which associate of the team registers?

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