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  • Cerebus Cover Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard
  • "The Pearl of Wisdom" Inner Cover Art by Ken Steacy
  • "How Lethargic Lad became so darned lethargic" Story & Art by John Migliore & Greg Hyland
  • "Bachelor Party or The Road Not Taken or Just Another Male Fantasy?" Story by Dennis Eichhorn - Art by Carel Moiseiwitsch
  • Pin-Up Art by R.G. Taylor
  • "How these Bastards Operate" Story & Art by Ron Kasman & Gabriel Morrissette
  • "On Being Eurasian" Story & Art by Theresa Henry
  • "The Weird Canadian Artist" Story & Art by Chester Brown
  • "Prescription for Ignorance" Words by Diana Schutz - Pictures by Monty Sheldon
  • "And Now - A Public Disservice Message from South of the Border . . ." Story & Art Roberta Gregory
  • "Random Pornography" Story & Art by Darren Raye & Sean Scoffield
  • "Saved" Story & Art by Seth
  • "The Steel Brood" Story & Art by Kent Burles
  • "Surgi-Center" Story & Art by Ty Templeon
  • "Big Boss Barney" Story & Art by Sylvie "Melody" Rancourt - Translation by Jacques Boivin
  • "Reflections" Story & Art by Den Beauvais
  • "Little Nemo in Censorland" Story & Art by Richard Pace
  • Statue of Liberty Pin-Up Art by Jeffrey Morgan
  • "The Censors" Story & Art by Stephen Bissette
  • "Revenue Canada" Story & Art by Leonard S. Wong
  • "More Guys than Gals are forced into Sex!" Story & Art by Carel Moiseiwitsch
  • "Jungle Rescue" Story & Art by Ronn Sutton
  • "Eye of the Beholder" Story & Art by Deni Loubert
  • "Tierra de Pajaro" Story & Art by Gilbert Hernandez
  • "May 29th, 1988" Story & Art by Joe Matt & Bernie Mireault
  • "Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milk-Man" Story & Art by David Boswell
  • "Tales of the Censor" Janet L. Hetherington
  • "Words and Thoughts" Art by Tomoko Saito - Story by Toren Smith
  • Potato-Man Pin-up Art by Todd McFarlane
  • The Raven Pin-Up Art by Pat McEown
  • "Three Card Monty" Story by Derek McCulloch - Art by Simon Tristan
  • "Benefit" Story & Inks by Rick Trembles - Art by Bernie Mireault
  • "Stupid Fucken Dumb-Assed Censorship" Story & Art by Rick Trembles
  • "Those People . . .*" Story & Art by Reed Waller & Kate Worley
  • "Blank" - Story & Layouts by Roger Williamson Finished Art by Tom Grummett
  • Pin-Up Art by R.G. Taylor
  • "Captain Censored vs. Dr. Going Too Far" Story Al Roy - Art by Max Douglas
  • "Corpus Delicti" Story & Art by Jerry Prosser & Matt Wagner
  • "Tales of the Existentialist Private Eye" Story & Art by Ty Templeon
  • Inside Back Cover Art by Kelley Jones
  • Back Cover Art by Moebius

Note: Bold indicates an artist whose work has been censored in Canada.



none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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