The Triarch

    Team » The Triarch appears in 8 issues.

    The Trinity of Gods that predate the Guardians and the Controllers.

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    An eternity ago, long before the Guardians and the Controllers ever existed, three gods of Maltus rose up against their father, the creator god Daalon. According to legend this “Triarch” made of brothers and sisters rebelled against their father and his unquestionable authority. There was a great battle and in the end they had murdered their father but were horrified by what they had done. Due to their shame the three could no long look upon each other and fled to the farthest corners of the universe.

    Although it is said one day the Triarch will return to Maltus and full fill their promise to level the world and rebuild it in the likeness that they had been born into. This means that all Maltusians would be destroyed.

    Major Story Arcs


    The Triarch convene on Maltus to full fill the prophecy, and are greeted by mixed feelings. The religious members of Maltus view their coming as a good thing, but the nonreligious member see their return as pure destruction. While on Maltus the Triarch began changing the landscape from urban decay to wilderness. While they are making the transformation they are attacked by Hal Jordan, The Darkstars and members of the L.E.G.I.O.N.

    After some time the Triarch gets frustrated at the content distractions and go from changing the environment to riding the planet of its inhabitants. This is when they learn that the father they thought to have killed was still alive. They sought his approval of their work but learned that they weren’t the gods they thought they were. They learn that they were merely experiments of a mad Controller, and they were just doing his bidding.

    In an act of defiance against their false creator they use all their power to both destroy themselves and to change the landscape of Maltus from a overpopulated, dying planet to one lush with plant life and clean air and fresh water.


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