The Traveler

    Character » The Traveler appears in 18 issues.

    Born from a sabotaged Unified Field Theory experiment, Ronald Lessik controls the flow of time around him as The Traveler.

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    Ronald Lessik was a scientist working on research of the Unified Field Theory at Martin-Colding Labs. Dr Colding, seeking to claim all credit for any discoveries, sabotaged a major experiment of Lessik's.  This sabotage caused a major explosion in the lab, killing Lessik's girlfriend and transforming those who worked in the lab. Lessik's future self had a hand in his discovery of the sabotage, both versions merged after the explosion, and so the seemingly infinitely looping story of The Traveler begins again.   


    The Traveler is one of three titles created by Stan Lee in partnership between Boom! Studios and Stan Lee's POW! (Purveryors of Wonder) Entertainment. Originally Announced at San Diego's 2010 Comic Con after a four month teaser campaign proclaiming "Stan's Back".  Stan Lee has been very hands on with the direction and editorial work of the series, and under his watch  Mark Waid and Chad Hardin are the inaugural writer / artist team on the book. 


    The Traveler is shown to have a fairly extensive control over time, although he cannot move through time himself. Kronus can use his power to freeze and slow objects in time, as well as use "Speed-Time," which allows him to operate at super speeds. Speed-Time can also enhance his physical attacks which allows him to "hit like a wrecking ball" as he says.
    Kronus also appears to be adaptive and a good tactician/ planner in battle. He used his surroundings to give him the upper hand in fights against two different members of the Split-Second Men on two separate occasions. On both occasions he lured them into doing exactly what he wanted them do. He seems to be in complete tactical control of his fights so far.

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