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Whoops! I missed that someone already put this up! My bad.

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what is it?

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dunno... i tried the link and got this for about 10 minutes with some strange buzzing sound...

amusing for about 20 seconds, then i got bored of reading the tiny writing...


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Click the icons and they have some things that you can do. They also have 2 short videos to watch, less than a minute each.

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I tried it and when I clicked on the red thing the box to the right addd a line of text. I kept clicking on it and it would add more until finally the trailer poped up. I haven't tried the "no lame password" link.

There's this:

Think this one is different:

Then there's this:

You know that kid at the end with the "line" was probably the coolest kid in his school after this ran.

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