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    The TRANSFORMERS comic that began it all-is back. With a vengeance! 21 years have passed since CYBERTRON was restored to its former glory, and finally there is peace. But, after millions of years of bitter civil war, can all ever truly be one?

    Transformers Regeneration One picks up directly after the original Marvel Comics series that ended with issue 80 back in 1991. The opening act chronicles all major G1 events further acknowledging it as a sequel. This TPB contains issues 80.5 - 85 collecting the story arc "Loose Ends" 1 - 5, and is written by the man who ended the series, Simon Furman.


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    21 years later and the war begins anew. 0

    21 years have passed since the death of Unicron, the defeat of the Decepticons, and the unification between Autobot and Decepticon. While there is peace on the planet Cybertron, remnants of the Decepticon force are far from happy about this and Soundwave is determined to begin the war again with small terrorist attacks. Optimus Prime on the other hand, is turning a blind eye to these things hoping to maintain the truce. The powder keg is close to exploding and it appears nothing can be done abou...

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