The Toy

    Character » The Toy appears in 9 issues.

    Member of the Second Brotherhood of Dada who's always late. In fact, she arrived only when all the other members of the Brotherhood had been killed.

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    Nothing is known about The Toy, save that she is a super villain who was invited by Mr Nobody to join the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Dada.


    The Toy was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case. She made her first appearance in Doom Patrol #52.

    Major Story Arcs

    Nobody for President

    The Toy attempts to join her team, but is held up for some time. She arrives to join the team just as the final member is killed by John Dandy.

    Front and Centre

    The Toy is murdered by Mr Nobody, now inhabiting the body of Thayer Jost and calling himself Mr Somebody, in an effort to finally and completely sever all ties with his past.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Toy's powers are unknown; she claims that she is often so late that people die as a result. It is unclear how she may be effecting this.


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