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Arsenal vs. Deathstroke for the life of Cheshire! And will Jesse Quick be of any help, or will she just get in the way? Meanwhile, guest star Green Lantern teams up with the mysterious Epsilon to stop a new threat to the Titans, while Troia finds her very existence seems in jeopardy!

Green Lantern is given an assist in taking down Glacier by a new hero in town called Epsilon. Meanwhile in The Hague, Arsenal (accompanied by Jesse Quick) visits Cheshire to tell her about the attack on Lian. While there, Cheshire's safe house is attacked by Deathstroke. His presence gives Cheshire the perfect cover to escape. Deathstroke is also able to escape, distracting Jesse with the small matter of a bomb thrown into her arms. When the other Titans arrive, they help Arsenal back to the Titans Tower infirmary, at the same time as wondering how Deathstroke knew where Cheshire's safe house was.

Nightwing confronts Chanda, who may well have betrayed the Titans by giving out the location of Cheshire's hiding place, and Troia finally plucks up the courage to talk to Arsenal, only to be told that he doesn't know who she is...

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