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In the universe of Earth-2, the Time Trust is the name given of a group of several scientists specialized in the investigation about time and how to travel throught it. They helped as a group or individually each one the Justice Society of America members in several cases involving time traveled villains and chronal disruptions.

However, in the heart of the Time Trust a villian was among them known as Per Degaton, who was Prof. Zee's lab assistant, who stole the time traveling machine and use it for his personal gain, becoming one of the JSA's most persistent foe (see the story arc Crisis on Earth-Prime).

By the mid-eigthies, most of the members of the Time Trust had passed away and with them their knowledge. Only Professor Nichols still lived to see the trial of the Justice Society (see the mini-series America vs. the Justice Society) and the multiversal collapse in Crisis on Infinite Earths.


  • Professor Carter Nichols
  • Professor Damon Everson
  • Professor Malachi Zee
  • Dr. James Swanley
  • Dr. Wilfred Doome


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