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    The Tiger, short for "The Tiger King of Kandahar", is a Pashtun Afghani who was once the top agent of the organization Spyral. He now operates as its head: Patron.

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    Not much is known about The Tiger.


    The Tiger was created by Tom King, Mikel Janin, and Tim Seeley. The Tiger made his first appearance in the third issue of the 2014 Grayson series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Agents of Spyral

    Partner to fellow Spyral Agent 8, both her and Tiger are assigned to assist both Agent 37 (Dick Grayson) and Matron (Helena Bertinelli) to retrieve Paragon's eyes from an assassin called "The Old Gun". Due to a mistake on Agent 37's part, The Tiger later saves Dick Grayson. Later, Agent 37 retrieves the Paragon eyes from the Old Gun, he is later revealed to have tracked him down as his partner shoots the assassin. However, she is then shot before he succumbs to his wounds and dies. As Agent 8 dies, he is distraught at the sudden silence and later learns of her death.

    While Tiger was doing his routine prayers he was attacked by Paragon and a light composite of Mr. Minos, a few moments later Agent 37 arrived on the scene and they defeated Paragon together due to the knowledge Dick has on the Justice League members and their power set. After Matron appeared to have killed Mr. Minos she was promoted to director of Spyral, she then assigned Tiger to be Agent 37 new partner.


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