twofacedjoker's The Tick: Free Comic Book Day 2014 #1 - The Hole Story review

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    Your Standard Tick Shtick

    This is a very straight forward entry into the Tick series that draws directly from Superman lore, parodying how Krypton was bottled in that mythos. However, beyond one brief reference, this story seems to try and strike out on its own, relying on its dialogue and silliness to convey a quick story. And, while this works, it's not overly great, There are some funny moments yes, but there are also a lot of bits that feel slow and unnecessarily drawn out. The new characters are very unimaginative and leave me wanting, and the art style is okay. And, what might be the biggest oversight, this doesn't offer much of an intro to a character that most kids won't know or recognize, which is a huge problem considering this holiday is primarily for kids getting invested in comics. But, for a FCBD offering, this is a pretty solid middle-of-the-road tale that will get old

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