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Get Meta with Me!

When I think of the Tick, I think of this episode. This is what the Tick was all about. Crazy effing characters. Crazy effing plots. Sheer fun.

Where else will you have a giant whale named Blowhole running across the country? Where else will the Swiss ever pose a threat? Where else will pieces of wood gain sidekick status? Where else indeed. The Tick says it best at the end of the episode when he states that nothing has to make sense in life. This episode sure doesn't, yet that doesn't take away from the joy of it.

The greatest part of this whole episode (if we can get all meta for a second) is that it starts with the chase of a villain called the Angry Red Herring. A red herring is a term that signifies something that an observer thinks is important but later finds that it was merely a distraction from the real theme. Seeing the Angry Red Herring at the beginning was the writers' way of saying: "Yeah, this whole episode is a red herring for the message the Tick relates at the end." There is no one thing you are supposed to get from the episode except for there being no one thing to get from the episode. It is brilliant writing. And this is why the Tick is one of the greatest shows of all time.

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