shrimpdino's The Tick #100: The Tick Meets Invincible #100 - Tick Meets Invincible review

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Tick/Invincible Teamup

This is my first The Tick comic and my first Invincible comic

I bought this comic because i saw The Tick cartoon when i was a kid plus it was a crossover with Image Hero Invincible

I enjoy the funny scenes like when Invincible called Arthur a Fat Rabbit and the scene Invincible was mentioning his adventures and the the box at the bottom said "Look,Just Buy All Invincible Trade Paperbacks Okay?,You'll Thank Us ED" XD

The only thing i didn't like the comic was

Arthur died and the Tick was upset that his partner died :(

but at the at the end of the comic we got Orson The Golden Age version of Arthur and he plans to bring Arthur back so maybe the next comic Arthur will come back

This comic gets a 4.5 Stars


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