Review: Thanos Imperative #5

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So much is going on! In the main thread, Thanos breaches the wall to confront the Cancerverse's Mar-Vell counterpart... but no one can predict his true intentions for doing so!

The Good

My issues with production have been largely resolved. While I still prefer inks over color pencils, Sepulveda and Ramos have refined their technique and tightened their lines enough that I really didn't notice anything lacking. Storywise,I've been really enjoying the twists and turns Abnett and Lanning have been weaving through Marvel's greater cosmology. There's a purple nurple of atwist at the end of this that re-defines Thanos and evil Mar-Vell's relationship in a way compelling enough to ascend this series to an even more mythic level.

The Bad

My issues with this issues are the same ones I''ve had throughout the entire series. I really feel like that there are more characters than this single title can handle. You have a lot of characters who appear just to dress the background instead of contribute anything to the plot. In particular, I think the inclusion of the evil Avengers (as opposed to evil Guardians) makes things messier than they need to be. 

The Verdict - 4/5

I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for superhero space opera. And this is ten-strong dose of the stuff. I suppose I shouldn't fault the book for being crowded - - it's meant to be a mega-crossover contained in a succinct mini-series. Marvel's space heroes have rarely ever had this kind overarching direction and that's exciting. I just it would be a touch neater.
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I love The Thanos Imperative. It has been my favorite book, and one of the best out there. Really looking forward to this issue. 
Abnett and Lanning can do no wrong IMO.
Nice review.

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The Thanos Imperative has been incredible sad most of the Cosmic comics are being cancelled

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The cosmic line yet again proves that is the best thing Marvel is churning out. Probably the best thing out of both Marvel and DC.

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yeah great art and story line. but i kind of see this coming thanos with his "other plan"

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Really love the art and the story throughout the Thanos Imperative books so far. 
Can't say I appreciate the Evil Avengers / Revengers being the prime antagonists. I would of preferred evil versions of Cosmic heroes myself, it makes more sense in my opinion. But alas I digress, just seeing Nova Prime continue to be badass and awesome as always is enough for me. The GotG also do an immensely fine job at providing that down to earth comic relief as well. The final panel with Rocky and Quill made me chuckle.

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