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The Terror drives a gaint mechanical spider (that can be underwater or on land) that serves as the base of the Evileers. This might be why he is the leader. He was the arch-enemy of Barry Hubris. After Barry lost his name "The Tick", he tricked the Terror to launch an attack on the Tick and Arthur. The attack failed. He appeared as an enemy of the Tick in numerous adventures from then on. In The Tick Big Yule Log Special (2001 special), the Terror tricked the Tick and his friends to stay at a ski lodge, where he plotted to ambush them. But before they can start their attack, the Man-Eating Cow attacks them. The Tick found a piece of the Terror's costume in the Man-Eating Cows mouth (implying he got eaten), but the Terror appears in The Tick Big Xmas Trilogy, playing Tiny Tim for the Tick's pagean. It's unknown how the Terror escaped the Man-Eating Cow. The Terror created Terrorcizing , a fitness book for older supervillains as himself.

==Other Media==

  • The Terror appears on the animated Tick series as an enemy of the Tick. Here he is extremely old (over 150.)
  • He also appears the live-action series, where he nearly dies while fighting the Tick (due his old age), but the Tick saved him (much to the disapproval of his friends).

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