The Terror of Trigon

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    Raven's father, Trigon the Terrible, the destroyer of worlds, has now come to Earth.

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    The "Terror of Trigon" storyline was originally published in 1984 in the first five issues of the direct market title THE NEW TEEN TITANS. A little more than a year later, it was reprinted in issues #60-64 of the newsstand-distributed TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS series.

    The Story

    The reason for Raven's whole exsistance is about to happen. Raven is destined to destroy the Earth by bringing her father, Trigon the Terrible. Raven will rule at his side as the Earth will be destroyed. The Titans have to try to save Raven as well as the entire Earth from distuction.

    Returning Titans and Other Characters

    Lilith Clay, a former Teen Titan, returns to help the Titans teleport to Azarath after Raven dissappears.

    Wally West, AKA: Kid Flash, is asked by the Titans to come back to help save Raven. Wally is reluctant to come back because he originally left to lead a normal life. He chooses to come back because he remembers his old relationship he once had with Raven.

    Arella, Raven's mother, she is the only one left alive after the destruction of Azarath. Arella comes back to Earth with the Titans to see if she can help save Raven.

    Issues Found in Story Arc

    • The New Teen Titans #1 Shadows in the dark!

    • The New Teen Titans #2 The Search for Raven
    • The New Teen Titans #3 Souls as white as heaven... as Black as Hell
    • The New Teen Titans #4 Torment
    • The New Teen Titans #5 The terror of Trigon!
      Reprinted in
    • Tales of the Teen Titans #60 Shadows in the dark!
    • Tales of the Teen Titans #61 The Search for Raven

    • Tales of the Teen Titans #62 Souls as white as heaven... as Black as Hell

    • Tales of the Teen Titans #63 Torment

    • Tales of the Teen Titans #64 The terror of Trigon!

    The Animated Series

    In Season 4 of Teen Titans: The Animated Series, the main storyline is about Raven's birthday, where she will become a portal to bring Trigon to Earth. The episodes in season 4 that follow the story line are:

    • Birthmark

    • The Prophecy

    • The End: parts 1, 2, and 3

    Reminder: The actual comic and the animated series are almost completely different from eachother. The Animated Series also contains elements that have to be seen in other episodes in previous seasons.

    Comicbook Credits

    Marv Wolfman: Co-Creator and Writer

    George Perez: Co-Creator, Penciller, Inker, and Original Series Covers

    Romeo Tanghal: Inker

    Todd Klein: Letterer

    Bob Lappan: Letterer

    John Costanza: Letterer

    Collected Editions


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