The Technicians

    Team » The Technicians appears in 9 issues.

    A team of scientist who helped Angstrom Levy.

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    The Technicians are super-advanced physicians and engineers who bring back Angstrom Levy multiple times from the brink of death. They provide him with much of the new technology he uses to harm Invincible.

    However, after his failed attempt to finish off in Invincible by using different dimension versions of Invincible, the Technicians claim that Angstrom owes them a debt. They are later seen in Invincible #98 - The Death of Everyone, Part One where Angstrom claims he built them a perfect world which they rule over like gods.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Technicians have advanced intellects and machinery but do not seem to possess any super powers.


    The Technicians first appear in Invincible #60 - The Invincible War as they are seen watching Angstrom Levy use multiple versions of Mark Grayson from different dimensions to hurt his reputation and kill large numbers of people.


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