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When his brother the district attorney is slain by gangsters, Niles Reed uses his extensive knowledge of metals to make himself an indestructible costume to fight crime as The Target. The Target does most of his work with military intelligence in New York during World War II. His sidekicks, dressed in a similar red or blue costume, are Dave Reed and Tommy Reed, also known as The Targeteers. The Target wears a metallic suit that makes him invulnerable to bullets and explosives


The Target and the Targeteers started out as characters in Novelty Press but now they are in the Public Domain. Most recently they have been characters in the Project Superpowers storyline in Dynamite Entertainment.

Character Evolution

Dynamite Entertainment

After World War II the Targeteers were captured by the misguided Fighting Yank and kept in the Urn of Pandora for about sixty years. When the urn was busted, the Targeteers possessed the ability to be linked together as one with super-speed. They are now the fast moving targets as well as invulnerable ones.

Powers & Abilities

The Target had a special suit that gave him Super-Speed and Invulnerability. He was also an expert in Stealth and numerous methods of Hand-to-Hand combat.


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