The Sword

    Character » The Sword appears in 31 issues.

    Arthur Lake has a stone which contains the legendary sword Excalibur, which he found when accompanied his father on a business trip to England, as he magically transforms into The Sword to fight saboteurs or criminals.

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    Ace Comics

    In his home on quiet Howland Lane in Lakeside, Arthur Lake keeps the stone which holds Excalibur, King Arthur's magic blade, which Arthur found during a trip to England. Whenever saboteurs or criminals come to town, Harbor patrol officer Arthur Lake draws the blade. There is a "tremendous peal of thunder, a brilliant crash of lightning," and he becomes The Sword.

    When he does so, his friend Lance Larter is automatically transformed into Lancer, endowed with a sturdy lance and costume identical to that of The Sword. Neither man has any superpowers, but each uses his weapon expertly.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Project Superpowers Chapter II

    The Sword returns along with many other bygone comic book superheroes of the Golden Age who fell into the public domain. The Sword is one of eight heroes dubbed "The Super-Mystermen", who were captured straight from the Box's destruction to be manipulated for a purpose by The Supremacy.


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