The Sword in the Star

    Object » The Sword in the Star appears in 25 issues.

    The Sword in the Star is an enigmatic, intelligent, immense power source from the far-distant future that is bound to a brightly burning star. It is the artifact Prince Wayfinder used to create The Microverse and become The Enigma Force with by binding his very soul to the magical blade.

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    Legends state that The Sword in the Star is actually a future counterpart of Excalibur, the mythical sword wielded by great men of ages that have long since passed such as King Arthur and Captain Britain, and that the brightly burning star it was bound to was actually a future version of Galactus in his true form. Within the sword are the means to create more powerful versions of Captain Universes, Fireflytes and even entire Universes on a whim by channeling The Enigma Force and whatever remains of Galactus' Power Cosmic through the Sword.

    The Sword was said to have "died" after exhausting all of its power to fuse Doctor Strange and Arcturus Rann together into a Captain Universe who could repair the Spacewall and stop the catastrophic collision between The Marvel Universe and The Microverse. However, The Enigma Force lives on, no doubt holding within it the memories of The Sword and the entity whose soul once resided within it: Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

    Sometime later it was discovered that fragments of the Sword in the Star had been infused into X-23's adamantium claws, allowing her to maintain a connection to The Enigma Force and damage the Whirldemon King Chaos with them. Later on, the Scarlet Witch and Polaris re-forged the Sword in the Star for a Sub-Atomican warrior named Mardj who used it to repel an alien race hellbent on conquering her homeworld.


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