The Sweeper

    Character » The Sweeper appears in 9 issues.

    The Sweeper is hired by a don known as the Roman to eliminate Logan when he works for the rival Pazzo Family.

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    A mob war takes place in New York City between the Pazzo family and a don known as the Roman. Logan agrees to eliminate the Roman for the Pazzo family if they agree to forgive a 20k marker for his friend. The Roman hires a professional hit-man known as the Sweeper to eliminate Logan. The Sweeper meets Logan at a cafe and the two have a seat. Logan tells the Sweeper that cigarettes will kill him from all the various diseases he could contract from smoking. The Sweeper starts putting his silencer together under the table thinking that Logan is unaware of what's going on during his rant. The Sweeper is about to shoot his gun when Logan pops his claws into the Sweeper's gut. The Sweeper dies and Logan sends a note to the Roman that says everything is clean. 


    The Sweeper was created by Frank Tieri and Sean Chen in 2001 and first appeared in Wolverine # 183.

    Skills & Abilities

    The Sweeper is a professional hit-man that uses a firearm equipped with a silencer. The Sweeper douses his victims with gasoline and reduces them to ashes after each hit.

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