The Statesman

    Character » The Statesman appears in 19 issues.

    Born Marcus Cole, he fought his way through proverty and serving in the "Great War" before becoming the Statesman, revered hero and leader of Paragon City's first group of heroes, The Freedom Phalanx.

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    Major Story Arcs

    1930s era
    1930s era

    Having served in World War I, Marcus Cole was exposed to fatal amounts of Mustard Gas and had become ill. Along with friends from his unit, that included Stefan Richter (who would go on to become his arch-nemesis, Lord Recluse), they ventured east to find the Well of the Furies. Within that well was the fabled Fountain of Zeus, of which Marcus believed to drink from the fountain would cure him of his illness.

    During this time of gathering information about this artifact and how to unlock it's powers, they led a far from heroic lifestyle. Becoming mercenaries, Marcus also assumed the identity of James Lancaster, the police officer who had sworn to take Marcus in. Having finally obtained an ancient scroll revealing the true location of the well, Marcus ended his double life to focus on curing himself from his illness. The scroll led Marcus and Stefan to an island in Greece where the well and Fountain of Zeus was to be found. Drinking from the fountain both gained super-human powers, and near-immortality. While at the fountain, they found and opened Pandora's Box. Holding the Golden Light of Creation, it caused a dramatic rise in the number of super humans across the world, and is the cause of their proliferation within the City of Heroes universe.

    1940s era
    1940s era

    Marcus sold many of the island's treasures, building up a small fortune in Europe before Stefan, now calling himself Lord Recluse, lured him back to Paragon City, which is located somewhere on the Eastern seaboard side of Rhode Island. In order to avenge the deaths of his step-father and brother, the Statesman became one of the city's first costumed crime fighters. He went on to be one of the co-founders of the Freedom Phalanx, the first registered super group, and saving the day from the mechanical fiends, The Nemesis in the day that would be known as "Brass Monday". Statesman would also later fight in World War II after fighting crime on his native soil.

    He has a keen interest in organizing the hero community, as leader of the Freedom Phalanx and as a member of the Vanguard Elite. He is one of the survivors of the devastating war against the Rikti, and since its conclusion he has concentrated on training new heroes.

    Modern era with cape
    Modern era with cape

    Recent information has revealed The Statesman married Stefan's sister, Monica Richter, who became the hero Maiden Justice. She died of cancer in 1976. She and The Statesman are the parents of the now retired Miss Liberty, and grand parents to Ms. Liberty.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Super Strength
    • Invulnerability
    • Flight
    • Regeneration
    • Lightning Blasts
    • Lightning Control
    • Heightened Senses
      Strength above and beyond human limits, impervious to most forms of damage and the power of flight are Statesman's main powers.
      As an incarnate, these powers mirror those that had not been seen since the age of the Greek heroes, such as Hercules, Perseus, Jason, Achilles and Odysseus. Stateman's transformation from ordinary human being to superhuman has also increased his human senses to an amazing degree, in particular vision, hearing and smell.
      Although considered a powerhouse of physical attributes, Statesman has shown to have had limited control over lightning. This enables him to conduct Thunderous Blasts of pure lightning over a wide area all around him.

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