The Starjammer

    Object » The Starjammer appears in 151 issues.

    The Starjammer is a highly advanced Shi'ar vessel that was stolen by a band of escaped mining slaves—led by Christopher Summers—turned rebel space pirates dubbed "The Starjammers." The ship was recently taken back into custody by the Shi'ar.

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    HMSS Starjammer Statistics:

    • Gross Weight: 1.2 Billion Tons
    • Length [Overall]: 201,755 Feet
    • Beam [Hull]: 21,950 Feet
    • Weapons: Two Dorsal Turrets with five 30 Meter Particle Beam Canons each, 1 Ventral Turret with eight 42 Meter P-Beam Canons each, Forward P-Beam Platform with ten 27 Meter High-Joule P-Beam Canons
    • Engines: One 200 Terajoule Shi'ar Par-Meson Hyperlight Engine
    • Endurance: 1.4 Mega Years

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