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    Get into The Spirit

    I'll state straight away I was never a big fan of The Spirit but reading the new monthly by Mark Schultz has changed all that.Easily the best of the First Wave titles it balances all the elements of action,drama,story and fun perfectly.Even if you haven't read The Spirit before you'll immediately feel involved in his world.Characters like Imani and Dolan have an instant appeal that makes you care what happens to them. 
    This issue kicks off with The Spirit arriving at the house of Ellen Dolan,badly beaten he relates in flashback his first meeting with Angel Smerti,the person hired by the Octopus to get him out of the way,and why he now looks like roadkill.The story is full of humour and packed with enough hardboiled cliche to fill a Raymond Chandler omnibus.The women are all cleveage and hourglass figures,who flatter,seduce, then hand you a grenade with the pin removed.It's all topped off in true pulp fashion with a cliffhanger ending that will have you impatient for next months issue. 
    As if that wasn't enough you get a second feature penned by none other than the great Harlan Ellison by way of tribute to Will Eisner and amazing black and white art from Kyle Baker.

    You can read this as a stand alone comic without having to buy the other First Wave titles and as someone who was never a fan of the character before I'd strongly urge people to give it a try. 

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