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Feeling Old school,,,

Now, for staters, i have absolutley no history, or had no intrest in The Spirit, but this issue changed evrything. The SPirit is one of those Golden age, old school heroes who kinda grows on you. The book gave him sort of a modern look, and modern feel. We poen in what i'm going to call, The City, and some drug dealers are trying to smuggle some candian booze into The City, and the Spirit comes in, throws a bomb in, and walks out, but doesn't say a word, it's only narraration, which sort fits a book like this. So, The SPirit, is back home, and we cut to The City, where some little school-girls are singing. An old man walks up, and questions why they aren't in school. One of them, apparently the leader, and in the narraration, makes it sound like it's some kind of society.They leave, and the old man finds a note saying something about the Octopus, who i guess is one of the Spirit's enemies. We cut to some woman, who's trying to stop poverty, and is talking to her father, whom i'm assuming is the mayor. The Spirit comes in, and tells the mayor to bear with his daughter. The mayor makes some kind of bug sign, and I have no idea what that is, but anyway. Spirit goes to a restuarant, and talks to some guy about the Octopus. Is the Octops the leader of these drug dealers? Well, we then see a man in a car, and he's going to some society meeting with the Octopus, i guess. Apparently, the Spirit has been interfering with their illegal plans. We switch back to Spirit, and he chases down some member of the society. They talk about Angel Smerti, whom the Octopus has hired to take down Spirit. Smerti shows up somewhere in Central City. She sedcues the security guards into getting through customs, and she arrives in Central City. The writing in this screams 70s, which in this case is a good thing. The narraration shows you that Spirit is a hardcore hero who doesn't take any crap. The art is very mysterious, and shady and absolutley amazing. The inking was great, but I only have one thing to say about the co-feature. The co-feature is so unnecasarry, the art is blurred up by the rain, and there's no writing at all, so you know not my fav, but the Spirit is defintley something I'll be following!

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