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A man with much greed for money was killed trying to rob a bank and as he did he vowed he would get all the money in the bank. His greed for money was so great that his spirit would not pass on to the afterlife and he uses his powers as a ghost to keep any money from leaving the bank even though he himself could not touch it, he did not want anyone else to have it either. The Spectre then comes to stop this ghost from terrorizing people and to free his spirit from this world.

"The Hour Hourman Died!"

Returning home to retrieve his civilian attire, the Hourman is startled by Tricky Dick Arnold, as he steps through a solid vault door. Arnold is in the midst of stealing top secret blue prints, from the vault. Arnold floors Hourman with a haymaker blow. Hourman downs a Miraclo capsule, to activate his super-human powers. Hourman slams Arnold with a haymaker punch. Arnold drops his metalizer, the device that allows him to walk through steel doors. Hourman is bathed in the radiation of the metalizer, and drops dead to the floor. Arnold flees the scene. Though his heart and lungs are still, the Miraclo flowing through his system re-animates the Hourman's corpse.

The Hourman has only the remains of an hour to neutralize the radiation in his body, and restore his true life. The Miraclo allows the Hourman to track the radiation signature. Ditching the evidence, Arnold throws the Metalizer, and the blue prints, into the river. Despite his desperate situation, the Hourman takes valuable time out, to prevent a tractor trailer from falling into the river. The Hourman locates the metalizer, and the blue prints, but the river water has washed away the radiation. Fortunately, trace amounts of the radiation linger on stolen loot from Arnold's previous robberies. The Hourman follows the radiation trail to Arnold.

The Hourman wrests the money away from Arnold, causing Arnold to crash his car into a tree. After a brief fist fight, the Hourman subdues Arnold. The Hourman takes Arnold with him, to his laboratory, where he analyzes the metalizer radiation, and works up a cure. Arnold recovers, and attacks the Hourman, With literally only seconds of life remaining to him, the Hourman beats Arnold into unconsciousness, and downs the neutralizing elixir. His life truly restored, the Hourman turns Arnold over to the proper authorities.



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Excellent Spectre Story 0

A bank robber gets killed in the act and cop Jim Corrigan witnesses the crime, sees the perp has become a ghost and calls in the Spectre! The ghost of the former robber has either a psychic connection to the money or an obsession to keep stealing more money over and over again. The Spectre finally rids him of this by literally throwing money at him in a psychedelic wave. The ghost is finally able to leave earth after he gets sick of it and has enough. Jerry Grandenetti did the cover and i...

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