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SPECTRE:The Face Of God

Spectre found God satisfied because he came up to heaven, the Heaven was empty and the gate was broken. He had to sought God out because he feared for him and he tried to seek and help God if he could,only to discover God was busy devouring his own creation,which was Michael,after devouring all the rest Archangels.Spectre was concerned and asked why God was devouring Michael,who always serves him faithfully. Michael answered with pain saying 'Spectre there's no why,since God is the creator of everything and i am his creation,and so he can do what he wills with me,that's all'. Everyone Spectre ever loved was devoured by God. Spectre was so furious about it to the extend he enlarged himself and wanted to strike God with the sword of Michael, which he was forcedly blast off without God even trying do any harm to him God told him 'That was stupid,really,really stupid.You who i have made would strike me with a weapon which i have also made,i think you must be mad. It all go round Confronting a seemingly insane God. The Spectre learns secrets about Jim Corrigan’s father that may finally let him rest.

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