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From The Longbox: The Spectre #4

 After telling his story, Amy begins to judge the Spectre, this angers him, and he reaches into her past. He finds out that in her own way she has killed many men. Now the Spectre has to figure out if Guilt equals evil. 
  Okay, I do have to admit,, when the Spectre first enters into Amys mind, I was lost on the story for a little bit. It began as a fairy princess story, as all stories about women seem to. However once we find what it is really about, I was hooked. Also during the final scenes of Corrigans tale, we find another moral conundrum that is both interesting, and disturbing. When the Spectre does something to someone he claimed to love as Corrigan. 
  Over all the quality of the books has stayed on the higher side of the bar. I can highly recommend this issue, only as a companion to issue three ( it is a direct continuation. As a part 2, it is flawless ) On its own it is a bit fragmented, yet still pretty darn cool.

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     Best so far in the series.  I loved this book.  I knew nothing of the Spectre before I started reading and nothing prepared me for how great this story is.  As a hero I don't like the Spectre.  To me he is not a hero.  He is hubris he is vengeance and he would tell you that himself.  I really let the writer have it for issue two but one thing it do right was set up this issue.  Fantastic.  What I loved most about this issue is the Spetre admits to his short comings.  He screwed up a lot of thin...

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