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1st story: "Into The Microverse"(Spidey's Totally Tiny Adventure Part 2)

2nd story: "Pale Reflection" starring the Prowler.

3rd story: "The Choice" featuring Sandman.

4th story: "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" featuring Rocket Racer.

In Amazing Spiderman Annual 24, the wall-crawler teamed up with Ant-Man to stop techno-terrorists at a science expo. Unfortunately, during the adventure Spider-Man was exposed to Ant-Man's shrinking gas and reduced to ant-size. Now the web-slinger needs help from Mary Jane and Harry Osborn to regain his normal size. However, the Psycho-Man is planning to shrink Spider-Man even more to bring him into the Microverse! First back up story: "Pale Reflection" Story by Glenn Herdling. Art by Todd McFarlane. The Prowler decides to take up Silver Sable's offer to do some work for the Symkarian Embassy.


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