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The flames of protest! Peter's Empire State University classmates are beyond angered that due to budget cuts, all night classes have been canceled. What type of riots will ensue?

At the start of this issue, Spider-Man arrives at Empire State University to find the president of the university declaring that he's going to shut down the university's night school department, no matter what the student body says. As Spider-Man changes to Peter Parker, he thinks about how there are lots of kids who depend on night school, who can't afford day school and who are struggling to find jobs. The president then keeps explaining to the students that the reason they're shutting down the night school is because they can't afford it, leading to the ethnic studies teacher, a man called Professor Vasquez, to stand up to the president. He tells him that the school is being racist, as by closing down night school it badly affects Hispanic and black students, and that the school could sell the Erskine Manuscripts, some priceless documents, in order to keep up funds, but the president says that it's not worth selling the documents just to continue night school.

Later, one of the Hispanic students thinks about how all the rights that were won in the 60's are being taken back, and that the students need a symbol to rally them and give them pride. Looking at an article in the Daily Globe, he then starts to wonder if the White Tiger should prowl once more....

Peter Parker later heads to the university, unable to tell whether the school should sell the Erskine Manuscripts or not. After he enters the university, some costumed men sneak into the university after him for unknown reasons. A distance away, Hector Ayala sees this, and decides to stop the men by turning into the White Tiger. Inside the building, Peter Parker enters the room where the Erskine Manuscripts are being kept to find the White Tiger there, having knocked out the guards and about to steal the manuscripts. Peter Parker tries to stop him, but as he's in his civilian identity and doesn't have his web shooters, the White Tiger successfully manages to keep him busy enough to escape with the documents. After he's left, the costumed men arrive, and take out some of the security guards before being attacked by the White Tiger. Peter then comes out of the room, and is once more attacked by the White Tiger, but this time the White Tiger seems shocked about knocking out Peter, and so runs away.

After the news about the stolen manuscript gets out, Peter changes to Spider-Man, and breaks into the Daily Globe, where he finds a file on the White Tiger, which recaps some of his notable fights and team-ups. Upon seeing a file with a picture of the White Tiger and a detective nicknamed Black Byrd, Spider-Man heads off to find Black Byrd. After a quick chat with him, Black Byrd recounts the White Tiger's origin in a taxi with Spider-Man, saying that he took the amulets formerly belonging to the Sons of the Tiger, which turned him into the White Tiger. Black Byrd then explains the photos Spider-Man found in the Globe a bit more in depth, saying how the White Tiger got drawn into it all. The taxi then arrives at Empire State University, and Spider-Man gets out. Meanwhile, in Professor Vasquez's office, Vasquez finds the Erskine Manuscripts have appeared in his desk, and the White Tiger arrives and accuses him of theft. Just then, Spider-Man appears at the window, reading for a rematch with the Tiger.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Iron Man in Rust Be My Destiny!


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