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This classic issue of the Spectacular Spider-Man from 1981 was written by the great Roger Stern and drawn by Jim Mooney. I love this old school Spider-Man issue. I actually just read this today from the Essential Spectacular Spider-Man vol.3. This issue has the first ever fight between Spidey and the original Jack O'Lantern! The Jack O'Lantern has always been a favorite baddie of mine even though he's always been pretty much a big joke. I don't know what to say. I think its because i just love this guys costume. You gotta love the ol' pumpkin head. Lol. In this Jack O'Lantern takes a hospital hostage, and one of the hostages is, then May Parkers fiancee, Nathan Lubensky. So of course Spidey comes running to save the day. I gotta say that in Spidey and Jacks first fight that the battle was pretty one sided. As soon as Spider-Man showed up the fight was over in a couple panels. I guess Jack O'Lantern just didn't know what he was getting his self into at the time. So Spidey saves all the hostages and Jack O'Lantern gets carted off to jail. I'll also mention that we learn something interesting about Marcy Kane in this issue. For those of you out there who doesn't know who she is, she was a fellow teaching assistant of Peter Parkers when he was a grad student and also was teaching. So there you go. This comic is well written and the art really helps tell the story. And in my opinion you can't go wrong with a comic that has Jack O'Lantern in it. So i def recommend reading this comic if you haven't already. So go out there and find this. If you don't want to go buy the original you can always pick up the Essential Spectacular Spider-Man vol.3.

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