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We conclude the Web of Carnage arc, though the background sub-plots make it pretty clear that we're not going to have a tidy ending to anything much.


In part four, the Seward Trainer mystery deepens (and confirms our suspicions that something sinister is going on here) when Peter goes to the Multivex Corporation to see if he can find Seward. He is denied any information, but the actions of those working for Multivex solidy his suspicions. Meanwhile, we catch a glimpse of Seward Trainer in a darkened room speaking with a shadowy figure, who tells Trainer "I'd prefer you had privacy to continue your work ..." And so it appears that the clone saga is far from over.

Elsewhere, Ben returns to Ravencroft to try to find some answers about the symbiote from its original host, Cletus Kassidy. After a rather long and draining inner battle, Ben frees himself of the symbiote (which a weakened Kassidy finally gets to return to him). Ben is upset that he couldn't control the symbiote within him, but is heartened by the encouraging words of John Jameson, security chief at Ravencroft, and the issue ends with Ben feeling a bit better about his role as Spider-man.

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