The Space Turnip

    Character » The Space Turnip appears in 11 issues.

    A comic book writer who got possessed by an alien turnip, he unsuccessfully tried to be a superhero.

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    Brief History

    Arthur Winslow was a neurotic comic book writer who became the Space Turnip after he found a mysterious alien turnip while he was working as a night watchman in some factory. The turnip took over his mind and granted him superpowers, but in the other hand started to control Arthur's actions, much to his horror. The turnip then got infatuated with Beverly Switzler, Arthur's friend, and tried to sexually assault her. Fortunately for Beverly and Arthur, Howard the Duck was able to remove the alien parasite and kill him off before it had the chance to take over another body.


    According to Steve Gerber, Arthur was supposed to be a parody of the writer and Gerber's friend Don McGregor. There is a hint of this when it is shown that Arthur writes a comic book called "Killmallard", a jab to the series Killraven which was written by McGregor at the time.


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