The Soviet Nunchuck

    Character » The Soviet Nunchuck appears in 15 issues.

    The only man to have fought in the Cold War. A member of the Paybacks.

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    The Soviet Nunchuck was a member of the Paybacks, a repossession and loan-shark organization for the superhero community.

    Unlike other Paybacks, Soviet Nunchuck did not wear a booby-trapped tracking bracelet. As such, he did not appear to have been enslaved by Mr. Pierce, and his reason for joining the organization remained a mystery.

    Powers & Abilities

    A hulking brute of a man, the Soviet Nunchuck’s primary superpower was his immense strength. He used this to devastating effect by wielding a large staff, tipped with a sickle on one end and a hammer on the other. As his name implied, he also wielded a pair of nunchucks as secondary weapons. Furthermore, he appeared to possess a high amount of durability, as he was able to survive an immolating blast unleashed by Jacob Destruction. After the Paybacks defeated Mr. Pierce, Soviet Nunchuck was transformed into a vampire by Emory Rains, adding to his already impressive physical capabilities.


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