The Sound Five

    Team » The Sound Five appears in 5 issues.

    The Sound Five consist of five sound ninja: Tayuya, Sakon, Jirobo, Kidomaru, and their leader Kimimaro. They work for Orochimaru and were used to escort Sasuke into the hands of Orochimaru himself.

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    Sasuke Escort and Retrieval

    The Sound Five were pivotal in the Sasuke Retrieval arc, as they were sent by Orochimaru to escort Sasuke to Orochimaru himself. They arrived in the leaf village unnoticed and as only the Sound Four, as their leader had fallen prey to a fatal illness that threatened his life. The new Sound Four then delivered their proposition to Sasuke. Sasuke accepted and went with them the next day to Orochimaru. The Sound Four revealed to Sasuke that they each too have a cursed seal mark. Before they left the Four sealed Sasuke in a transformation coffin, so that he could finish his transformation into the second stage of the cursed seal.

    On the way they ran into the Sasuke retrieval squad: Naruto, Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji, Kiba, and Akamaru. proving to be stronger than they looked, the Sasuke Retrieval squad pushed past their forces, but leaving a man behind each time. The first person to stay behind was Chouji, who battled Jirobo one-on-one. Chouji proved to be stronger and killed Jirobo, who was in the second stage of the cursed seal. Neji's battle was up next, he stayed a battled Kidomaru while the others went on ahead. This battle to was hard and forced Kidomaru into his second seal, but Neji proved to be stronger and killed him.

    Now only two of the sound four remained. Shikamaru battled Tayuya, while Kiba and Akamaru battled Sakon. Tayuya showed to be a powerful opponent, but Shikamaru was able to force her into her second stage. She was killed when Temari jumped in and saved Shikamaru. Sakon was able to prove to be way stronger than Kiba and Akamaru when he revealed to be two people in one body, his brother Ukon appeared. The two were killed though when Kankuro jumped in to save Kiba and Akamaru.

    The leader of the Sound Five, Kimimaro, returned. Though still very sick. He battled Naruto at first, but then Rock Lee took over the fight when he appeared so that Naruto could go on to Sasuke. Rock Lee and Kimimaro battled for sometime, but just getting out of the hospital, Rock Lee proved to be weaker. He was about to be killed when Gaara jumped in and finished the fight. Gaara was about to die himself when Kimimaro died from his illness just before he could land the finishing blow.


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