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Super Villain

The child genius Samantha Robbins grew up as nothing more than a pawn to her father Edward Robbins, CEO of Robbins International.  Ignorantly acting under the direction of her father, Samantha stole advanced technology from her father's corporate rivals.  Edward would then pass the newly acquired tech as his own creation, using the profits to build his empire.  Hungry for power, Edward continued to use his naive daughter to steal state secrets, and eventually used her talents to blackmail others.
When Samantha grew old enough to realize what she was doing, she hesitantly continued that life of crime.  The government knew of her activities, and referred to her under the moniker "Skyrocket" from the ages of 8 - 17 years old.

Turning Point

Samantha and Watson
Samantha and Watson
Edward Robbins mysteriously passed away and Samantha inherited Robbins International.  She took the family money and isolated herself from the world.  She reformed from the life of crime and started to sharpen her skills and quickly became one of the greatest minds in the world.  She upgraded Robbins International Tower to include a state of the art centralized computer network, a building-wide telecommunications system, an advanced detention center that could hold an angry rhinoceros, and a first class medical facility.  She even builds a robot companion of sorts and names him Watson.  Samantha spent years trying to do enough good to get people to see that she's not the same little girl anymore.

Super Heroine

The Skyrocket colored by Os Petroli
The Skyrocket colored by Os Petroli
Samantha receives a video call from Agent Evans from the government.  He claims to know all about her past and holds her files over her head as incentive to get her to work for "The Agency."  They work out a deal to torch her past as long as she accepts a mission is to go to Florida to handle a loose "creature."
Samantha flies south from New York to Willows Creek, FL over the Atlantic Ocean.  She gets ambushed by a gigantic Sasquatch-looking creature who is wrecking havoc.  Samantha uses her quick wit to capitalize on one of the monster's mistakes and uses a sonic attack from her utility belt to halt the its destructive rage.  After the attack, the beast changed back to Sam's dog Razzle that she thought died over 10 years ago.
Back at Robbins International Tower, Sam runs a full analysis on the dog's DNA and proves that it is her pet from long ago.  Sam lies to Agent Evans by telling him that the creature was incinerated when he asks for its remains, even against his warnings of serious consequences if she is  harboring it.  Tired from her first day of superheroing, she tries to relax, only to be ambushed by a masked intruder at gunpoint.

Powers & Abilities

Samantha Robbins is a normal human being with extraordinary skills.  From an early  age, she used her technical know-how to hack into highly secure government systems.  She is a phenomenal computer programmer, having built Watson and installed all of his artificial intelligence.  Samantha Robbins built a sleek power suit which helps her to fly and enhances her strength.  Her costume comes with an array of gadgets to include an electron bolo, voice activated mutable earplugs, and hypersonic emissions.  Samantha Robbins is also insanely rich, having inherited the family fortune from Robbins International.  She uses that money to further her research and to fund her adventures as The Skyrocket.

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