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Publication History

The Skull was only featured in 5 issues but acted as a "poster-villain" for Top-Notch Comics, appearing on multiple covers when he was not featured inside and even after his character had been killed off.


While on patrol, Police Officer Matthew "Kip" Burland caught sight of a figure (" a masquerade costume...") leaping from the second floor terrace of the Woodrow Mansion. Once investigating, Burland was stunned by the figure's gaunt appearance ("What is this, a man or a corpse?") The haughty figure expressed great offense at this interruption and easily overpowered Burland ("You dare to interfere with The Skull!"). Not satisfied with simply escaping, The Skull left the Woodrow diamonds with Burland, framing him for the crime. Burland would return as a masked crimefighter The Black Hood. They clashed on multiple occasions, with Burland hoping to capture The Skull and clear his name.

His greenish, gaunt appearance is ostensibly caused by a poison of The Skull own's invention, which he carries with him and once used on The Black Hood's mentor "The Hermit"

Capture and Death

The Skull was eventually imprisoned, and after signing a confession to the Woodrow diamond burglary as part of a plot to kill The Black Hood's mentor and escape, was recaptured and legally executed in the electric chair.

"Son of the Skull"

After the execution, a man claiming to be The Skull's son appeared, this new Skull began killing The Black Hood's friends and loved ones while taunting him with false clues, however he lacked his predecessor's physical prowess and was caught. He vowed further vengeance but was never seen again.

Personality and Skills

The Skull's criminal schemes generally rely on a combination of erratic execution, disguises, and traditional strongarm assault, they tend to evolve in the moment, as opportunities present themselves and are sometimes motivated by a simple pleasure in evil-doing rather than by desire for money or power.

He prefers to work alone and has no regular arsenal, headquarters or transportation. Instead displaying a remarkable athleticism, strategic wit, and an aptitude for strangling


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