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The fourth of the first British weekly “Boys Papers” known as the Big Five along with Adventure, The Rover, The Wizard and The Hotspur which started from 1922 to 1933. Not a comic book as would be produced in America in another 5 years, much of the Boy's Papers were in text; however, they were the start of British comics to come.

The Skipper was the first of these to fall due to paper shortages in World War II, making it to 544 issues.

Like all such papers it featured a rotating roster of characters and non-series stories.

Some of The Skipper’s regular characters were cowboy Red Rock Baxter, Big Bad Wolfe, a policeman who made Slam Bradley look like a pacifist, Captain Zoom, the Birdman of the R.A.F. and one of English comics few outright superheroes in the Golden Age, Tommy Ruffhouse, Wembley Bill Football Doctor, The Chuckling Prowler, and the Roaring Road Boys among many others.

The Skipper is also of note for its regular depictions of torture and even mutilation on its covers.

Ran from 1930 to 1941.


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