The Skin-Bender

    Character » The Skin-Bender appears in 3 issues.

    A Japanese demon Johnny Blaze encountered while in Japan. She has the ability to turn whatever she touches into anything.

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    Skin Bender is a Japanese demon.  One day she decides to rain hell on Japan by turning many of the locals as well as a biker gang into more wretched and demonic versions of themselves.  At one point she encounters Johnny Blaze who had just beaten a few of her demon bikers.  She tries to warp Johnny's skin but has no effect on him. She realizes that he has all ready been changed and then demands Johnny to show his true face.  Has Johnny turns into Ghost Rider she falls in love with Ghost Rider.  Tempted by lust, Skin Walker is then torched and ripped apart by Ghost Rider.  He body parts are then thrown into the ocean.  She is later picked up by a fishing crew and she then attacks the crew.
    Skin Bender has the power to change anyones flesh into whatever demonic form she wants.  Her power has different effects on different people.  While some people get over powered by the warped change some actually have control over it like a gang of bikers she touched.  However, her powers have no effect on those who were previously changed by a demonic before her like Ghost Rider.

    Thought she can change the shape of others, it is unknown if she can use this power on herself.  She is mostly seen in the shape of an anime character.


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