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Crossroads is a much simpler story than vol. 1 (it's hard to top having your heroes achieve 5/6 of their goal in the opening storyline), but it gives us something more important than spectacle: depth. Having exchanged allies at the end of the first story, Gord Cantrell assumes an equal place alongside Becky and Drake (while Billjohn has little to say). More important than just giving us another main hero, Gord takes up the arcane loremaster role, giving us some glimpses far more is going on than just General Hume's quest for six guns and the destruction of the world. Drake Sinclair's sidequest also shows us far more players in this ancient game are about - players with their own machinations for the guns. This is exactly what a follow-up story should do: expand the story, expand the characters, expand the world. No backstories, no comic relief, just more, better, different. Even Becky gets a little bit of spunk to her in this story, which is a welcome addition to her somewhat dull character heretofore. This sequel does pretty much everything right.

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